We focus in Immigration issues, some of the services are but not limited to:



–         Family  Petitions

–         Family Adjustments

–         Renewal of work permits

–         Renewal of  Resident Card 

–         Naturalization

Fingerprints Verification (hard copy )

Fingerprints Verification (hard copy )

–         Change of address

–         Waivers

–         Final appointments

–         Removal of conditions on permanent residency

–         Deferral Actions

–         Consular Processing

–         Fingerprints for personal verification

–         Notarization of documents 




Sofia obtained her Certificate to Roll Fingerprints by the Department of Justice and also obtained a Notary Public Certification. Throughout more than 10 years of experience she developed a passion for assisting non-United States Citizens to become legalized in this country. She believes that everyone should be treated with respect and fairness and lives by that belief in dealing with her clients.