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July, 2013

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Nox App Player 6.0 Download Free For Windows!!

Nox is a great android emulator which is available for free for windows, it was released early this year and has been a huge it since it’s release and has taken the place of some well-known Android emulators like bluestacks, youwave, andy, etc. The performance and stability of this emulator is great when compared to the others in the field and the software currently runs Android 4.4.2.

Nox android emulator stands out because it has easy one-click integration of microphone, camera and the internet connectivity from your computer. And also they have specially coded to give the users some extra function buttons to the games, so that the users can play android games easily from their computer. And also they have integrated the oneplus feature of gaming do not disturb mode.

The Nox App player is very easy to install you just have to go to the official nox website and download the installation file and open and install it just like you install other software in your windows OS. In this post I will walk you through all the latest feature updates in the new Nox App Player 6.0 and some of the basic information and features of the Nox app player.

Features of Nox App Player 6.0:

The stability and the performance of the Android operating system inside the emulator has increased a lot and it works great like the original android operating system.

Solved all the previous mentioned bugs by their users and have introduced new error reposting methods to deal it immediately. As per hundred of user requests, the developers have worked hard to provide the support for the Open Graphics Library v3 games, this is a great feature available only in this android emulator.

Nox app player 6.0 has a mini quick tool bar in which you will find some instant actions like copy, paste, record, back up, restore, delete, etc. And a lot more. Keyboard mapping feature like the one available in bluestacks 3, where you can manually map keys to do certain function in the game, this is an awesome feature everyone was looking for.

There is an android update option available in the settings through which you can now update to the android 5.1.1 and later you will be getting updates to marshmallow, nougat, and Oreo. Hardware acceleration has been introduced to this version of the application using which you can have improved performance and gaming experience.

You can also screenshot any instance of the app player using the quick bar, and you will have a lot more options available in that quick bar. Download Nox App player is well optimized that RAM conception and processing speeds required are very less compared to other emulators available today.